Portland’s Urban Food Zoning Code

Illustration by Rob Gisler.In June of 2012, Portland City Council made a significant step toward increasing access to healthful, affordable food for all Portlanders by adopting the Urban Food Zoning Code Update. The new regulations address community gardens, farmers markets and market gardens, as well as alternative food distribution methods such as community sponsored agriculture (CSA) and food buying clubs.
Because even a small cost can be a barrier for some, this proposal has very little in the way of permit fees, land use reviews and the like. Almost all activities will be allowed outright if standards are met.
This action puts Portlanders in position to take advantage of the ideas proposed by Roger Doiron in his article Savoring Suburbia.
Illustration by Rob Gisler. Reprinted Here Courtesy of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainabilitywork

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