Thinking of an EV? Ask the Man Who Owns One

“I will never own a gas car again. I’m still committed to the environment, but it’s all about the quiet, the driving dynamics, and never having to touch that dirty, nasty gasoline again.”

At a recent Solar Drinks get together, I noticed a brand new Chevrolet Bolt electric car in the parking lot. This is the … Read More.

Velomobiles in the Gorge

If you were traveling on I-84 on July 29 you might have seen what appeared to be a whole bunch of kiddie cars heading east. Well they weren’t kiddie cars, they were velomobiles and they were going from Portland to Washington, DC as part of the Roll Across America Tour (ROAM). The tour was billed … Read More.

Portland Is The Perfect Place For The Shweeb

Portland is noted for its innovative ideas, sustainability, and for being bicycle friendly. Well check out Shweeb, because it is all of the above and more. You get a workout, avoid automobiles, ride above congestion, stay out of the weather, and get where you are going while enjoying a fantastic view. And it’s a whole … Read More.

SoupCycle Delivers Organic Soup-Based Meals Made from Locally Sourced Foods

A couple of years ago, a couple of college students made a business plan to make and sell locavore soup and deliver it by bicycle. The students came to Portland and set up their business, SoupCycle.

Jed Lazar and Shauna Lambert are the creative cooks and bicycle peddlers behind the food service business. They source local … Read More.

2000 EV Charging Stations Coming to Oregon

ECOtality will be installing over 11,000 electrical vehicle charging stations to cities across Tennessee, California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Though the project is part of Nissan’s U.S. Leaf launch, the charging stations will accommodate all industry standard plug-in EVs.
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Oregon is one of the test markets for the Nissan Leaf and the … Read More.

The Pulse of Regional Car Production

Just as distributed power may go a long way to resolving our home energy needs, so too may regional manufacturing help meet some of our other needs.

After two years and $100,000 development investment, the ‘Pulse’ prototype all-electric car made its debut at Courthouse Square in downtown Portland on the 24th. The Pulse has a range … Read More.

Electric Cars Now

The electric car (EV) has been with us for over 100 years, but unfortunately it has been too little with us all that time. At one time there actually were more EVs on the road than cars powered by the internal combustion engine (ICE). The early EV was simpler, more reliable, quieter, cleaner, and easier … Read More.

It’s Over: Five Reasons Why the Electric Car Wins

It’s Over: Five Reasons Why the Electric Car Wins

By BC Upham | August 31st, 2009

It could take ten years or more to become apparent, but I’ll call it now: the electric car will replace the internal combustion engine.
A caveat: I am not an automotive industry expert. Which is why I’m right. I’m not mired … Read More.