Velomobiles in the Gorge

If you were traveling on I-84 on July 29 you might have seen what appeared to be a whole bunch of kiddie cars heading east. Well they weren’t kiddie cars, they were velomobiles and they were going from Portland to Washington, DC as part of the Roll Across America Tour (ROAM). The tour was billed as the classic tour across the United States, a great adventure, a challenge to will and strength – a world premiere of velomobiling. 5000 km, four weeks, fifty riders from Europe and North America.

They arrived in Washington, DC on August 24th

So what is a velomobile? Basically it is a recumbent bicycle or tricycle with an aerodynamic shell or fairing around it. There are several US manufacturers: Easy Racers, Go-One, Lightfoot Cycles, and Velocity Velos.

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