Getting Involved

While gathering material for this post, I came across this quote by Martina Navratilova (tennis superstar); “The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”

Great advice for super star attainment. However, while the pig’s level of commitment is no doubt essential to becoming a top ranked somebody in any field of endeavor, the chicken’s lesser commitment, but definite involvement, is also essential for bringing forth the “ham and eggs”

The point being that while a Bill Gates is able to plunk down 80 million dollars to build a “smart city” in Arizona, or an Earth Firster is willing to lie down on a railroad track to stop an oil train, amazing enviro-changes can also be accomplished even if the rest of us do no more than follow the chicken’s lead. Just get involved somewhere, somehow, with whatever resources and time that we have.

What Can I Do?

Run a few errands on foot or bike instead of driving. Take the bus to work or carpool. Shop the organic food section in your supermarket or join a CSA. Shop thrift stores, Craig’s List, or garage sales. Pay for high quality and long life. Pay attention to packaging. Is it recyclable? Better yet, buy in bulk and bring your own reusable con- tainer. Shop local. Borrow from a book, tool, or toylibrary.

Save energy (and money) by turning out lights, installing LED bulbs, and lowering the thermostat. Check out the Energy Trust of Oregon for more energy saving tips.

Getting ready to trade cars? Consider a used one. Better yet, check out one of the many electric cars that are now available. Too expensive? Perhaps A low mileage used one ($8,000 to $15,000 range) with lots of years left in it is the answer.

In the market for a home? Ask for a Home Energy Score. Look for the home’s potential for solar energy gain through south facing windows. Is the roof suitable for installing solar panels? Check out the Enhabit website for more ideas.

Volunteer with any of the hundreds of organizations that need volunteers.

Contribute to any of  the many organizations that need financial support. One of my favorites is the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado. Headed by Amory Lovins, they are engaging large corporations, states and countries to make deep changes on a grand scale. Check them out.

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