Volt Owner Gets 300+ MPG

When General Motors unveiled the Chevrolet Volt, the media was caught off balance and failed to fully appreciate what the engineers at GM had come up with. Is it an electric car? Is it a hybrid? Is it an extended range electric car? The debate went on and on. Does it really matter and who cares anyway? So while the auto techno-experts argued over where exactly to put the Volt, people were quietly buying them and putting them in their garages. Best of all, Motor Trend magazine got it right and called the Volt “Car Of The Year”.

One of the new Volt owners was Jeff Parmet, who purchased his in December 2010, left the dealership with a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery, drove the car 2,500 miles over a six month period, and only then did he have to buy eight gallons of gas to refill the gas tank. Do the math and the debate over the Volt’s label becomes irrelevant. Any car that gets over 300 miles per gallon deserves the “Car Of The Year” title. There are numerous websites and blogs dedicated to Volt owners where you can read more stories.

Here is the official Chevrolet website: http://www.chevroletvoltage.com

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