Upcycling Windows & Doors – Urban Gardening Projects

As the modern trend toward “green living” continues to gain popularity, several urban centers have found creative and resourceful ways to reduce their carbon footprints on the environment. In particular, one eco-friendly initiative — upcycling — has become increasingly common among city dwellers due to its ease, accessibility and artsy appeal.

Upcycling describes the process of transforming discarded materials into repurposed objects for improved quality, usefulness or environmental impact. From scrap metal and glass bottles to windows and doors, this versatile technique can turn any old, uninspired item into an entirely new stroke of genius.

Because of its sustainable bent, upcycling is often applied to “green” activities like gardening. Although city living doesn’t typically allow extra square footage for nature to thrive, armed with some “junk” and ingenuity, you can create a garden oasis — even in the most confining of spaces. This will not only infuse your home with natural beauty, it will also help maintain a cleaner and healthier atmosphere. The infographic below highlights practical tips to get you started on your own upcycling endeavors!

Image credit: Empire Siding and Windows 

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