Top Five Energy-Efficient Home Appliances

The importance of sustainable living is picking up momentum. From buying locally grown produce to conserving water, there are endless ways to help make your mark on our planet in a positive way right in your own home.

For those interested in making their home even more eco-friendly — to help save the planet and to help save money — appliance choice can play a major factor.

Despite your best efforts at green living, there are likely some items in your home that are counterproductive to going green. Appliances, in particular, can be energy inefficient. So if you’re looking to upgrade your home with the best eco-friendly appliances, read on for our roundup of appliances that can save energy and money.

Depositphotos_6873191_s-2015Top Five Green Appliances

Many household appliances that we use every single day are, often times, energy hogs. Fortunately, technology has made way for more energy-efficient appliances that don’t use an exorbitant amount of precious natural resources. The following appliances are ideal for both saving money and reducing environmental usage and have received the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016 award for delivering cutting-edge energy efficiency and innovation.

Frigidaire FFET1022Q Refrigerator. This energy-efficient refrigerator boasts a bright lining, independent temperature control and a filter change alert. More importantly, it averages 296 kilowatt hours of energy use per year according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

LG WT7700H*A Washing Machine. This washing machine offers large capacity, ColdWash Technology and TurboWash. Plus, it helps you reduce your energy consumption with its annual energy use of 150 kilowatt hours per year.

Beko DIT28430 Dishwasher. This dishwasher goes the distance without ever leaving a negative footprint on the environment. It offers an annual energy use of 225 kilowatt hours.

Airquest VC 97 Series with Observer Control Furnace. With several models to choose from, this furnace offers self-configuring control with gas valves for a quieter low-fire setting. What’s more, its annual energy use starts out at 46.9 kilowatt hours.

Coleman Echelon Series Central Air. When it comes to cooling your home, this central air system offers a premium design and unique WhisperDrive sound levels, along with 1,105 kilowatt hours of annual energy use.

Protect Your Investment

After you’ve done your research on which energy-efficient appliances are right for you, the next step is to protect your purchase. Appliances are costly. And, inevitably, they break down. Unless you’re a fix-it whiz, it can cost hundreds or thousands to repair or replace an appliance.

As such, it’s important to consider a warranty that covers you in the event of something breaking down due to everyday wear and tear. A reliable warranty plan like those offered by TotalProtect can save you loads of money when something goes awry and cover you when you need appliance repairs or even replacement. Just as you’d insure other valuable things — like your car, expensive jewelry and even your health — a warranty that covers your appliances is key. Because preparing for the unexpected is part of being a smart homeowner.


  1. Energy-efficient appliances practically pay for themselves!

  2. What does this energy star rating has to do with savings? Does it really help us save electricity? I am still unclear on this.

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