The Triple Bottom Line that Keeps the Green Living Journal PDX Free

One of the best things about the Green Living Journal is the fact that it’s free to readers. The reason for this is that advertisers sponsor the content. Without advertisers, there is no Green Living Journal magazine.
How it works: When one of Green Living’s advertisers pays for placement, the money is used to pay for the creation, printing and distribution of the magazine. Those advertisers could  spend their dollars with other publications, but they choose to support the mission of the Green Living Journal instead. 
Why do advertisers do this? Advertisers know that Green Living Journal readers are concerned about the environment, take interest in social and ethical issues, and are more likely to choose goods and services delivered by people who share their values. 
What does that mean to readers? Readers should know that when they choose to take their business to a Green Living Journal advertiser, they are doing good – good for themselves, the environment, the advertiser, the economy and the Green Living Journal. Advertisers appreciate being thanked for their contribution and there really isn’t a better way than helping them to stay viable in these difficult economic times. For readers who aren’t ready to make a purchase, telling an advertiser that you’re keeping them in mind for future business is a nice way to let them know that they are noticed.
Readers should also know that THEY can be advertisers.
It’s true! The Green Living Journal has classified word-only ads AND classified display ads that are affordable to individuals, crafters, and small businesses who want to reach other mindful people. 
The bottom line: Readers, advertisers, and the Green Living Journal are all in this together. Giving readers what they need to make better, more intentional choices about their behaviors; giving advertisers a way to support these informative efforts while growing their businesses; and giving the Green Living Journal the opportunity to serve both its readers and its advertisers is a win-win-win situation… That’s the best kind of triple bottom line that there is!

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