A Truck Farm Grows in Brooklyn

Leave it to the folks in the Big Apple to give a brand new and very literal meaning to the term “truck farm”. Ian Cheney, Curt Ellis, Carla Fleisher, and Stephanie Bleyer have joined forces to create and promote their “Truck Farm” concept which has a definite “rockin’ and rollin” flavor to it.

The idea is simple: take an old Dodge pickup, fill the bed with garden soil, plant the bed with seeds, add water, wait a few weeks, and then drive the growing produce to the customer. You just can’t get any fresher than that.

Their idea has taken root right here in Portland (OR) thanks to the efforts of Tom Myers at the Abernathy Elementary School Kitchen Garden Program.

There are also Truck Farms in Hawaii, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, Washington DC, and of course New York.

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