Thinking of an EV? Ask the Man Who Owns One

“I will never own a gas car again. I’m still committed to the environment, but it’s all about the quiet, the driving dynamics, and never having to touch that dirty, nasty gasoline again.”

At a recent Solar Drinks get together, I noticed a brand new Chevrolet Bolt electric car in the parking lot. This is the … Read More.

5 Eco-Friendly Car Products  

While walking and riding a bike are the greenest methods of transportation, they aren’t very practical for most people, especially suburbanites. Most of us need our cars to get through daily life – getting to work, shuttling kids around, etc. – so going without a vehicle isn’t really an option. But this doesn’t mean you … Read More.

Shweeb: Light Rail for Bicyclers

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Here’s an idea that seems to be the Portland bicycler’s dream come true: a recumbent bike enclosed from the “Oregon Mist” and suspended safely above auto and truck traffic. Or, as their website states, “By integrating the unique properties of monorail and recumbent cycle technologies, Shweeb delivers a personal, efficient, and cost-effective … Read More.

Tires Made from Trees Save on Fuel and Energy

Kaichang Li, an associate professor of wood science and engineering in the OSU College of Forestry believes that microcrystalline cellulose, a material made from trees and other plant fibers, may be able to replace about 12% of the silica used as a reinforcing filler in rubber tires.
Photo: Materials scientist and OSU doctoral student, Wen Bai, … Read More.

Making Way for Oregon’s Solar Highway Along I-205

Oregon Department of Transportation, (ODOT) is moving ahead with a proposed public-private partnership on a $20 million solar panel project along I-205. The partnership would allow tax credits to be used to improve the region’s electrical grid and meet ODOT’s energy needs without passing the cost to taxpayers.
The use of technology, raw materials, and labor … Read More.