Sustainable Schools-Sustainable Solutions

The Zero Waste Alliance’s Sustainable Oregon Schools Initiative, SOSI (pronounced “so see”) has taken a systemic approach to fostering healthy school environments by engaging, educating and inspiring individual schools, districts, and the organizations that support them.

Oregon’s schools comprise an infrastructure large enough to house one-fifth of Oregon’s population and that means they have a large carbon footprint. Reducing that footprint will result in a cleaner environment, but will also save money by eliminating waste and increasing resource efficiency. But creating a healthy, sustainable environment is only part of the sustainability solution.

Through education for sustainability, SOSI helps to develop school curriculums infused with learning that prepares students to live and work in a sustainable society. The group envisions Oregon schools at the forefront of environmental stewardship and today’s students the creators of a sustainable future.

The SOSI website has an impressive list of participating schools and school districts that includes many in the Portland-Metro area. It also provides information about how to join the effort.

Visit for ways to help and links to more information.


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