Moving to a New Home, the Green Way

15579548942_48bc7ab0e0_mMoving is not a fun task, and  a move can become wasteful, considering all the non-recyclable material and household goods being tossed out as garbage. With the right planning, a move doesn’t have to be stress-inducing, nor wasteful. There are opportunities to cut down on waste, and provide yourself with a fresh start in a new home. If you are thinking about moving or starting a move, these tips can help to control the pre move stress and the after move debris.

Plan It Out

Careful planning and organizing, can avoid this being a grueling process. First create a checklist. If time allows, an 8-week checklist will save you time and frustration in trying to prepare for the move. Items like ‘donate clothes’ or ‘pick up extra cardboard boxes from stores’ done in advance can lessen moving day stress. Simplify your goals  and identify items you can accomplish with in your schedule.

Recycle As You Go

It’s easy to get caught up in the conventional solution to packing up household goods. There are many green options that are just as simple. Take bubble-wrap for instance, an option that will keep your goods safe, but isn’t so good for the environment. Even if you intend to somehow re-use bubble-wrap, it’s unlikely it will last for one move let alone another. A good alternative is newspaper or the cloths and towels that you would be packing anyway. With some thought and creativity, you can find alternatives to packing with materials much friendlier to the Earth.

Prepare For a New Green Home

After packing the goods you’ll have to settle down into your new home. Odds are that you’ll need some extra items, like lightbulbs and curtains. Every missing household good is an opportunity to turn your new dwelling into an eco-friendly home. If you realize you’re going to be sitting in the dark, CFL and LED light bulbs are an option that are easier on the watt usage. Instead up putting on the usual drapes, get some backed curtains that cut down on the cold in Winter and the heat in Summer. With new homes come new opportunities to make choices that are more eco-friendly.

For Homeowners, Look into an Energy Efficient Mortgage

Consider An Energy Efficient Mortgage, or EEM. With an EEM a homebuyer receives an extension on their debt-to-income hernia moversqualifying ratio based on the energy efficiency of the home. This crediting is based on an evaluation of the house and every “tool, appliance, heating, or cooling system that uses less energy, than its basic, less efficient counterpart.” EEMs are not simple and would need paperwork and thought before your purchase but your energy savings and comfort for your time in the home make it worth it. After all, there’s not a better win-win when it comes to getting both a new home and making it eco-friendly.

Getting Out and Going Green

With pre planning and fore thought about your disposables during your move, and your energy use in the future, your move will be less stressful, less wasteful and more satisfactory in your “Home Sweet New Home”


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