Learn About the Birds and the Bees 

BeeVent“Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Landscape” is the focus of the 4th annual BEEvent Pollinator Conference.

Saturday, March 3, 2018 

Attendees will learn from experts what to do and not do in your backyard landscape.

Discover the extremely prolific native pollinator: mason bees, their nests and pests.

Vendors will bring nesting boxes, mason bee cocoons, plants, seeds, books and more. If you build it – will they come?

Find out if you have flowers or trees blooming at the right time, what are good alternatives to pesticides and how the environment and predators impact pollinators.

Valuable and worthwhile sessions.

The day-long conference is held at the Linn County Expo Center, right next to I-5 in Albany.

Sponsored by the OSU Extension Linn County Master Gardeners.

Preregistration (required) opens in January 2018. 

Visit extension.oregonstate.edu/linn/beevent for details.

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