Change the World: Investing for a Fossil Fuel Free Future

progressive worldCelebrate Earth Day and  Change the World:
Investing for a Fossil Fuel Free Future 
April 23rd; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Ecotrust Building 
721 Northwest 9th Avenue, Portland

Climate change is one of the concerns driving money into Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing. SRI funds have grown by 76 percent between 2012-2014. (See USSIF 2014 Trends Report).  Many of those investments are “fossil fuel free.”  Others seek different strategies for addressing fossil fuels and climate change.


Co-hosted by the Portland office of Progressive Asset Management Group and the City Club of Portland, the event will provide an opportunity to learn about fossil fuel related investing and divesting, from three national leaders in sustainable investing.

  •    Stu Dalheim – Vice President, Calvert Investments, the largest SRI mutual fund company, based near Washington, D.C. Stu has led the firm’s shareholder advocacy since 2005, engaging in direct dialogue, standard-setting exercises, partnerships, and shareholder resolutions.
  •  Jonas Kron – Senior Vice President and Director of Shareholder Advocacy for Trillium Asset Management. Jonas is based in Portland and has 15 years of experience engaging companies on their environmental performance;
  •  Erin Gray – Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Analysis of Green Century, for more than a decade. Green Century is a Boston-based company with fossil fuel free family of funds.

Please RSVP by emailing, or calling (503) 656-1644.

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And YES, please invite friends, colleagues, family members, believers in Sustainable, Responsible Impact investing and those who want to learn more. This is an educational event not a sales pitch.   This event will provide quality content.

Change the World: Align Your Investments with Your Values!!


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