Earth Day Reflections

Ten years used to seem like a long time.  Now a year flies by like a month and months like days.

First Green Living Journal Summer 2008

This Earth Day brings back fond memories of our first toe wetting in the Green Living Journal and makes us realize how lucky and grateful we are for this trip so far.

We have so many folks that have helped us along our way, and I was trying to make a list which became far too long. We are lucky and would not have been able to produce Green Living without the help from our Designer Katie, Copy Editor Joan, Customer Rep. Rock Star Linda, our Writers who contribute their expertise and time, our printer, our readers, our friends and family, and our advertisers who are doing great works for the Earth through their businesses. On a picture that is much bigger than the Green Living Journal, when we first published ten years ago: 

  • commercially available electric cars were a dream, 
  • solar electricity was a backwoods, off grid option and grid tied systems were unavailable, 
  • organic food was only found at Co-ops, 
  • and generally “GREEN” was a somewhat negative term and too expensive for the main stream.  

In the last 10 years all of the above have become readily available and affordable.  

We are grateful for the changes in the concept of “sustainable” and “green” and it gives us the confidence to happily look forward to the coming years!

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