Astute ‘Adoornment’

Cabinet Doors Become Artist’s Canvas

Elizabeth See SunflowerBright colors, a love of nature, a sense of delight, and a practiced hand all contribute to the look and feel of Elizabeth See’s oil paintings. At first glance, her work appears to be rendered on traditional materials. Closer examination will reveal that she uses ESee3discarded cabinet doors and cut-offs from woodworking production as the canvas for her art.

The BZ Corner, WA artist takes repurposing seriously and is constantly on the hunt for scrap wood and disused cabinetry. It is as natural for her to befriend nature by keeping usable materials from the landfill as it is for her to sit quietly studying the subjects of her paintings.

Elizabeth participated in the Cracked Pots Art Show for the first time in 2012, but her work is well-known in The Gorge where she makes her home.
Show locations and current works are usually listed on her blog at: http://elizabethseepaints.blogspot.comElizabeth See chickens

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