The Withered Herb, offers Herbalism Classes in Hood River

Sue Kusch of the Withered Herb is offering Herbalism Classes.

Classes are held at Hood River Middle School Classroom Kitchen on Tuesday nights 6- 8pm

Withered Herb bottlesIntroduction to Herbalism & Plant-Based Medicine -Feb, 11th

Herbal medicine is alive and well!  This class discusses the main principles, values and benefits of herbal medicine.  A little bit of history, current issues and some of the latest research are included.  A thorough handout includes an overview of herbal terminology, common medicinal applications and an annotated bibliography of books, websites and schools.

Herbal Medicine Making 101 – Feb. 25th

An overview of herbal medicine that includes harvesting techniques (including wildcrafting) and medicinal preparations.  Learn how to properly harvest, dry and store herbs.  Explore and taste medicinal tea, infusion, decoction, honey, vinegar, elixir and tincture.  Handout with several recipes go home with participants.

withered herbPlant-Infused Oils – The Making of Medicinal Balms & Salves -March 11th

An overview of common medicinal herbs and a detailed discussion of the process of infusing plants in a variety of carrier oils. Participants will receive a 2 oz. sample of a wound healing balm made in class and a thorough handout of plant descriptions, infusion methods and several balm recipes.

Spice Up Your Life -January 28

There’s a reason why spices inspired men to explore the world!  This class re-introduces spices as culinary stars with medicinal applications.  Participants will receive several samples of spice blends, a handout of recipes and resources – all while sipping chai tea.

Herbal Remedies for Cold & Flu Season – January 14th

Prepare now for those seasonal visits by colds and influenza.  The class includes a discussion about the differences between over-the-counter products and herbal remedies, cold and flu actions/symptoms and appropriate remedies. Participants will sample a variety of herbal remedies and receive recipes for each one.

Creating a Useful Herb Garden March 25th

Herb gardens are lovely to look at, easy to tend and most herbs offer a combination of culinary, medicinal, household and cosmetic uses.  This class introduces ten herbs with multiple uses, guidelines for care and harvesting and a garden design for a 12 x 4 bed.


  1. Awesome! I wish I still lived in the area so I could attend. You’ll have to make another post telling us how the classes are going. :)

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  4. Littia, Retired, St. Paul, Mn says:

    I am considering moving to another state in the next couple of years. Hood River OR looks like a place worth considering. I see that there are orchards nearby. I assume they are mostly conventional operations. Does pesticide spraying impact the air or water in your area? Is there an herbalist community there to speak of in Hood River? Thanks in advance

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