Trash to Treasure Community Sharing and Recycling Event

Swap and Play logoThe largest community sharing event in Portland, occurs annually in April. During this daylong event over 5,000 items are exchanged between families at no cost, thousands of items are recycled and local non-profits assist in reuse and recycling education. This event is open to the public, free of charge, and 100% volunteer run.

Trash to Treasure is coordinated by the non-profit Swapnplay Community Sharing Inc. as part of their mission to reduce the carbon footprint of N Portland and strengthen the community.

Trash to Treasure will be held on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 from 9am to 3pm

Drop off of reusable items begins Friday, April 26th from 4-8pm 7535 N Chicago Ave

Trash to Treasure

  • Is an annual free neighborhood share, recycle, reuse, clean-up event that offers education on waste reduction, green practices, footprint reduction, trash to treasure swapand beyond curbside recycling at the event and throughout the year.
  • Sparks fun, creativity and imagination while demonstrating the benefits of thoughtful consumption, mindfulness, abundance, and reinterpreting wealth and waste while encouraging opportunities to experience, participate, volunteer and create friendships.
  • Spurs stewardship, alchemy, skill sharing, exchanging goods, resource sharing, intentional relationships with our stuff.
  • Is an integrated grass roots approach to connect neighbors of various socioeconomic backgrounds, produce sustainability in action, and provide a duplicatable model.

How does SWAPPING work?

Bring what you don’t need, take what you do!

Learn the details of how Trash 2 Treasure works.



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