Tidy Up Your Kitchen Compost

Along with the Portland residential composting program came the beige compost collection bin that was supplied to all residents. It is large, takes up a lot of the counter top, and is not very attractive.

Jeff Evans found the use of the pail unergonomic and cumbersome. He wanted to find a way to mount the bucket under the counter and to latch the lid in the open position. This way a person could scrape food scraps into the bucket from a more convenient height, and peel vegetables directly into it. While preparing a meal you would be able to easily toss food debris into the bucket, all with the lid latched in the open position. Then with a flip of the latch by your finger, gravity should drop the door closed and you could shut the cabinet door. He also wanted to get the bucket off the counter, out of sight, and use a space under the sink that is underused.

Kitchen Compost CaddyJeff decided the Kitchen Compost Caddy should offer an optional basket, located beneath the bucket, for storage of compostable bags.

His final thought was to do something about the foul odor coming from the bucket, which would get even worse in the hot summer months. He cured the problem by offering a replaceable activated carbon filter mounted to the underside of the lid to neutralize the odor and to absorb the smells of the decomposing food.

After several designs and prototypes, Kitchen Compost Caddy is ready to make your composting easier. Designed and manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest, the Kitchen Compost Caddy could be coming to your kitchen soon.

For more info: http://kitchencompostcaddy.com

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