The Pulse of Regional Car Production

Just as distributed power may go a long way to resolving our home energy needs, so too may regional manufacturing help meet some of our other needs.

After two years and $100,000 development investment, the ‘Pulse’ prototype all-electric car made its debut at Courthouse Square in downtown Portland on the 24th. The Pulse has a range of 50 miles and an energy consumption equivalent of 190 MPG. At $20,000, it’s getting close to being an affordable and practical mode of transportation for those who travel less than 50 miles between rechaging.

Arcimoto of Eugene is an example of a regional car manufacturer stepping up to serve a less than national population. This regional model helps to move locafacture toward being the rule rather than the exception. 300 units are scheduled for production in the coming year. Oders can be placed with a $500 deposit.

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