Wanted Artwork, Poems & Artwork

[ April 22, 2018; ]

Now accepting submissions! Honoring Our Rivers publishes student (K-college) artworks, photos, poems, and prose (including those in foreign languages) inspired by rivers and watersheds of the Pacific Northwest. We invite all students, guardians, and educators to also participate in our themed section, which will center on Tribes of the Pacific Northwest and their ancestral and … Read More.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste

Most of us are almost unaware of how much water we waste on a daily basis.
 Water is wasted waiting for the shower or sink to warm up, on the slow leak you have in the toilet bowl that you never knew about and from sprinkling your lawn every day.
With some of the newer developments surrounding … Read More.

Vancouver Water Resources Education Center

If you haven’t been to this hidden jewel at 4600 SE Columbia Way in Vancouver, put it on your list and visit. It opened its doors in February 1996, in concert with a new, innovative and advanced Marine Park Water Reclamation Facility, but many people have yet to discover it.
Their mission: Teach people of all … Read More.

10 Things I Learned While Living Without Running Water

It is much easier than I thought to conserve resources.
My wife and I recently endured fifteen days of living without running water while a new well was being drilled on our property. If I was a more conscientious blogger, I suppose I would have chronicled the experience daily, as it unfolded.
But the truth is, I … Read More.

Should You Drink What’s In Your Tap?

Water treatment has come a long way since we washed our clothes, bodies and livestock in the same bodies of water we used to dispose of our bedpans. In fact, diseases like polio, hepatitis A, and other horrific ailments have been all but eradicated since we’ve learned proper water treatment en masse. Although now we’re … Read More.

The Value of Wastewater Recycling

Sorting your water bottles and soda cans into recyclable and non-recyclable isn’t enough to live completely green and cut down on waste. One of the most important recyclables is water. According to the Water Information Program, daily water consumption of an average American is about 176 gallons per day and the United States uses a staggering … Read More.

5 Unconventional Ways to Cut Home Utility Costs

Guest post by Melissa Lynne, freelance writer for Systrum Energy, a third party energy supplier serving New Jersey.
For the average American household, monthly utility bills represent a significant chunk of the family budget, usually 5 – 10 percent of monthly expenses.  Since utilities are such a big chunk of your expenses, there are probably a … Read More.

History, Habits & Water Bottles

In early 1946 when my dad returned home from the Philippines after the end of WWII, he brought with him a treasure trove of neat stuff to fire the imagination of a seven year old. All the right stuff was there for exploring the empty lots in our Long Island (NY) suburban neighborhood: knapsack, pup … Read More.