Four-legged Lawn Mowers and Landscape Helpers Can Cut Your Grass and Your Carbon Footprint

photo: Cornell University
One way to take care of your lawn without cranking up a fossil-fuel driven machine is to hire an animal to do it. This little infographic from Movoto blog will let you calculate the number of critters, depending upon animal type and size of yard, that you will need to get the job … Read More.

‘Earthdog’ Eco-Friendly Hemp Dog Accessories

Tennessee-based Earthdog is an example of the type of company that’s good to support. They promote dog rescue, spay and neuter programs and product sustainability. Their all-hemp collars are a stylish ‘neckcessories’  for dogs and are available in a variety of designs as well as in solid colors. In addition to collars, they offer hemp leashes, … Read More.