Springbank Farm Camp

Springbank Farm

Camp is an important and formative rite of passage for youth, and can be a source of great fun and valuable learning. Springbank Farm Camp offers an opportunity for children to create lasting memories, form meaningful and positive relationships, experience personal growth, enjoy new adventures, and learn practical skills in a hands-on setting. Children benefit from novel, farm-based experiences that will help to shape their perspectives and characters for years to come.

Camp counselors have designed the program with “STEAM curriculum” in mind, to dovetail with the important K-12 themes of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics..

Activities are offered each week, such as, but not limited to, milking goats, cheese making, fiber arts, woodworking, arts and craft work, garden projects, nature hikes, creek exploration, boat making, fort building, and animal care.

Springbank Farm Camp offers two, one-week day camps for ages 5 to 10. Session 1 – June 17th – 21st, and Session 2 – June 24th – 28th.

For more info: http://www.springbankfarm.org

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