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Mirador Community StoreFood Preservation Equipment Rental

Mirador Community Store at 2106 SE Division St. got the idea for renting out preserving equipment through interactions with their customers.

Lynn Hanrahan, the store’s owner, noticed that there were two themes that came up:

1) The customer needed the equipment, say a Steam Juicer, just once a year to process their grapes. Purchasing the equipment jointly with friends/family in order to spread the cost out, wasn’t an option for everyone. Lynn realized that if a person felt they couldn’t afford the equipment, they’d either let the grapes go or give them away.

2) A customer comes in, saying that they recently bought a house with raspberry bushes and they wanted a piece of equipment to process the berries. They very likely had never done much, if any, preserving. Lynn would suggest a Juicer/Strainer, but they’d be unsure of the purchase, wondering if they would ever want to do it again.

Lynn saw the rental of the equipment that the customer needed, but was hesitant to purchase, as a beautiful solution. They could rent the unit, and if they liked it, buy one, using their rental credit towards the purchase of the same item.

Says Lynn, “We still sell the same units that we rent quite well, and the rental program supports the sale of those items. It is a helpful service for our customers.”

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