Mirador Awarded Silver Certification

Mirador Kitchen and HomeMirador Community Store, a kitchen and home store, was awarded the Silver Certification from the Sustainability At Work program run out of the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Sustainability at Work was formed in 2007 to help local businesses achieve a more environmental workspace.

An advisor was assigned to Mirador, and a step by step review was made of all green practices already being made, and then suggestions were made for other possible steps. The advisor is provided at no cost to the business.

Mirador was founded in 1999 by Lynn and Steve Hanrahan with the idea of personal and planetary sustainability in mind. With a goal of offering products and tools for food preservation, meal preparation, as well as products for the home made from health supporting materials, it was natural that the store be operated as sustainably as possible.

From the beginning, this meant actions such as a high level of recycling, using compact fluorescents, and at the same time offering products for sale that would help customers achieve more sustainability personally. The owners and staff at Mirador are pleased that their efforts have been recognized, and hope to add more actions in the future as they shoot for Gold Certification.

Read about what Mirador Community Store does to earn the Silver Certificate.

For more info: http://www.miradorcommunitystore.com/

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