ISSUE 15 of the Green Living Journal – Columbia River PDX Coming Up Winter 2011

It’s hard to believe that the Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX will be publishing its 15th issue in November.  The premier issue was published in Summer 2008 and included articles like, The State of Co-opsThe Birth of Locavore, and How to Get Carbon Free in 10 Years.  Issues since then have delivered even more timely topics and insight to Green Living readers. The Winter 2011 issue will spotlight books: books in print, out of print and never printed. Don’t worry, articles about building, transportation, EV news, and all the other regular topics will be there, but staff will also be adding some new features including art made with recycled materials, eco-fashion, and e-waste.

The magazine is made possible by the many extraordinary  advertisers who believe-in and are working toward ecological and social balance. It’s important that all of us reward these conscientious advocates by supporting their businesses when we make our buying decisions. The Green Living Journal staff hopes that you will contact a Green Living advertiser to help meet your life’s needs whenever you’re considering a purchase.

Green Living Journal staff is passionate about bringing truly practical information to its readers and would like to see the magazine grow beyond its 32 pages.  Staff effort and volunteerism are a big component in getting the magazine into print and online: both distribution methods provide access to the Green Living Journal at no cost to readers. The Green Living PDX BLOG content is available via RSS feed, but also as a Kindle subscription for just 99 cents a month!  Delivering the entire magazine via Kindle to those who love their e-readers is also in the works.

If you share the vision of nurturing mindfulness in daily living and supporting businesses that give thought to their impact on the world around them, please help Oregon’s Green Living Journal grow. Here’s what you can do:

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