How smartphones can help in building a sustainable life

With the growing dependency on technology, electronic waste is also increasing by the minute. Business Green said that the problem of e-Waste could reach 50 million tonnes by 2017, with most of it being dumped and traded in developing countries. In fact, up to 90 percent of the electronic waste in the world is illegally dumped. However, if mobile devices are maximized properly, people can use them to build a sustainable life. Here’s how:

9861903874_f3f4ed8e98_mChoose sustainable devices

As mobile technology becomes one of the common factors that affect the increasing problem of electronic waste worldwide, mobile companies are now working on producing sustainable smartphones and tablets. In fact, most tech giants are involved in eco-friendly production of mobile devices, particularly Samsung and its many devices currently on the market. The Korean tech company received eco-friendly awards for their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. GSM Arena said that the two handsets were awarded a Sustainability Product Certification (SPC). Since 2004, the company has been true to their internal policy to follow ‘Eco-Design process’ and this has seen other industry leaders follow suit.

The arrival of the modular phone or ‘Phonebloks’ is said to help in decreasing the growing e-Waste in the world, as people no longer need to dispose their mobile devices if they want to upgraded features. However, there’s still no update on when the modular phone will be out on the consumer market.

Get started with eco-friendly apps

There’s literally an app for everything nowadays, including apps on how to live a sustainable life. There are effective apps that help one navigate through your day while managing your household and personal life while reducing your environmental footprint. Here are the top apps you can install on your smartphone that will impress even the most environmental savant:

1. GoodGuide provides you with reliable ratings of products and companies to help you choose the ones with the best environmental, health, and social performance. It also comes with a barcode-scanning feature to check the energy efficiency of each item on the shelves.

2. Recyclebank is an app that rewards its users whenever they make eco-friendly choices by giving them points for daily activities (water usage, buying green products, and recycling).

3. Carbon Footprint tracks fuel usage and provide tips to users related to fuel efficiency and driving habits. It can calculate your miles per gallon and dollars per mile/per gallon/per day.

4. EcoCharge rings an alarm when your handset is fully charged to increase battery life and avoid wasting energy. It can also track other devices even your laptop by setting the number of charging hours for each electronic device.

5. iViro performs a customized energy analysis of your home to make it more sustainable. It performs a customized energy analysis to know your home’s consumption of heat, electricity, water and appliances.

Support green accessories
The majority of recently launched technologies are focused and connected with smartphones. Even smart cars and the most high-tech devices are now working with an app for smartphones and smart wearables. Today, smartphones come with various green-approved accessories that allow you to enjoy your favorite portable technology without damaging the earth. Digital Trends listed some of the top eco-friendly smartphone accessories, including:
• Portable solar power station for mobile devices
• iBamboo speaker
• Solar powered waterproof cases
• ReCase Ergonomic casing

Finally, it helps to know the proper way of disposing old mobile devices by coordinating with recycling centers or asking your local network provider if they have any buyback programs available. Often, you can get great discounts plus you will be helping the environment, if the manufacturer takes back the phone and disposes or recycles through the correct eco-friendly procedures. How do your smartphones help in building a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family?

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