Greening That Printer

Business leaders are realizing the sustainability advantages as well as the long-term economic benefits of shifting more things to an eco-conscious choice. Small things in your office such as reusable kitchen supplies and recycled paper can be adjusted quite easily.
What about your printer? Typically, it’s on all day, using energy, consuming paper, putting toxins in the air and creating waste from all the spent cartridges A more environmentally friendly option is in the form of solid ink technology. First invented by Tektronix in Wilsonville, OR in 1986, it was brought to market in 1991. In 2000 Xerox acquired the technology and introduced the ColorQube product line.
Solid Ink as used in the ColorCube products has a unique property that allows it to remain in solid form until heated to a specific temperature. It then instantly turns to liquid, and turns back to solid after being printed. So why is it so sustainable? Solid Ink sticks are a non-toxic resin, much like crayons, and come in a small box made of recycled content. It is the only consumable on the machine compared to the toner, drums, fusers and other moving parts on a normal laser device. This results in a 90% reduction in waste. Storage space and shipping costs are all reduced as well. It is a tremendous improvement from typical laser devices without sacrificing functionality, color quality, consistency or speed.


  1. That’s a very good technology introduction by Xerox in printing industry. By using this technology, we not only reduced the wastage, but also we manage the garbage properly.

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