Is there an EV in your future?

The time has come to buy a new car, but  being a conscientious American you have growing concerns about driving a gasoline (or diesel) powered car.  So you are thinking about  an electric vehicle (EV), but the high price makes the EV look like a poor investment, even with the rebates and the lower “fuel” cost factored in.

In the short term this is true, but buying an EV needs to be considered a long term investment. Over the long haul the EV more than repays its initial higher cost due to its lower maintenance costs.

Here’s how the EV saves you money on maintenance:

  • No oil or oil filter
  • No air filter
  • No timing belt
  • No radiator, coolant, water pump, fan, or thermostat
  • No fuel pump, filter, or injectors,
  • No oxygen sensor
  • No spark plugs, wires or distributor
  • No exhaust pipe, muffler or catalytic converter
  • No transmission
  • No pistons, valves, crankshaft, camshafts, oil pump or head gasket

Plus the electric motor that drives the car acts as a braking system as well, which greatly reduces the wear on the brake pads.

Still not convinced?


EV Celebration Day

Come on out to Pioneer Square this Saturday, July 14, and check out the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association’ s annual EV Celebration Day. Here’s your chance to see a veritable smorgasbord of electric vehicles and talk to the owners. These are the folks that are living with EVs everyday, commuting, running errands, and traveling about without burning gasoline or diesel.

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