Pacific Crest Trail Days and Bridge Walk

[ August 28, 2015; August 29, 2015; August 30, 2015; ] 9th Annual PCT Days Aug. 28 – 30
Free classes and activities, plus see all the latest trail gear. Saturday morning take a walk across the Bridge of the Gods.

Planting the Seeds:

Bringing Plants and Children Together
The growing seasons of spring and summer are joyous events for nature lovers. Those who live with the darkness and snow of winter are thrilled with each new plant popping up, bird songs galore and the long, light-filled days. The regenerative energy of spring is obvious among children; just ask any … Read More.

Palm Oils: Nutrition vs the Environment

Photo by Agus Andrianto for Center for International Forestry Research.
If you happened to read my book review in the Spring 2015¬†edition of the Green Living Journal, I cited the research from Michael Moore on Salt Sugar Fat. In the review I covered these three unhealthy ingredients that are added to almost all processed foods. However, … Read More.