Building Green Made Simpler

Choose Your Level of Green Construction
To a lot of people, building green means costly, complicated, and confusing, but it is getting easier as designers and builders find simpler ways of doing things. Structures NW llc of Vancouver, using their 10 plus years of experience building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), has come up with a … Read More.

Cradle to Cradle Carpeting

Faced with a having to renovate a small office space, I decided to learn more about the sustainable options that are available for insulation, floor coverings, heaters, lights, etc., but where to begin?
As luck would have it, Classique Floors was hosting a “Sustainable Saturday” event that included free seminars on a whole array of green … Read More.

Vancouver Water Resources Education Center

If you haven’t been to this hidden jewel at 4600 SE Columbia Way in Vancouver, put it on your list and visit. It opened its doors in February 1996, in concert with a new, innovative and advanced Marine Park Water Reclamation Facility, but many people have yet to discover it.
Their mission: Teach people of all … Read More.

Fair Trade 101

Depending on your perspective, the choices you make as a consumer simply impact yourself, or they impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of other, mostly impoverished people. The fair trade industry believes the latter is true. It has been harnessing the positive purchasing power of consumers for decades.
Fair trade reduces global poverty by … Read More.

Modern Earthen Floors

Earthen floors are ancient. They were the predominant floor from the time people first built homes until the mid 1300s, and are still found today in many parts of the world. Because these early floors were simply tamped earth without sealers, they were dusty and cracks were common. As a result, they were often covered … Read More.

Time Flies

A Five Year Trend Towards Renewables
They say that time flies when you’re having fun. If that’s true, then we’re having a ball, because it seems like only yesterday that the first issue of our Green Living Journal hit the streets of Portland in 2008. That’s right, we are five years old, we have published 360,000 … Read More.

Rent Food Preserving Equipment

Food Preservation Equipment Rental
Mirador Community Store at 2106 SE Division St. got the idea for renting out preserving equipment through interactions with their customers.
Lynn Hanrahan, the store’s owner, noticed that there were two themes that came up:
1) The customer needed the equipment, say a Steam Juicer, just once a year to process their grapes. Purchasing … Read More.

Crackedpots 2013 Summer Recycled Art Show

[ July 23, 2013 10:00 am to July 24, 2013 8:00 pm. ]

Tuesday, July 23 & Wednesday, July 24    10am to 8pm
Free Admission

Art lovers and recycling fans alike, this is the show for you. See the works of 100 creative reuse artists that are woven, welded, carved and painted from waste materials and cast offs. It takes place throughout the beautiful grounds and gardens of McMenamins Edgefield … Read More.