10 Things I Learned While Living Without Running Water

It is much easier than I thought to conserve resources.
My wife and I recently endured fifteen days of living without running water while a new well was being drilled on our property. If I was a more conscientious blogger, I suppose I would have chronicled the experience daily, as it unfolded.
But the truth is, I … Read More.

The Mysteries of Recycling Part III:

The Future of Recycling
What does the future hold for recycling? Two words: zero waste. Or to be more explicit, the future of recycling will be a closed loop system where all discarded materials become resources for others to use. The growing population and the rising standard of living around the world will continue to put … Read More.

The Men Who Built America

John D. Rockefeller. Andrew Carnegie. J. P. Morgan. Cornelius Vanderbilt. Henry Ford. These are the men who, at least according to a recent History Channel series, built America. Whether or not you agree with that statement, there is no question that these were exceptional men who were the dominant players during an exceptional time period … Read More.

Yesterday’s News Makes Home Fashion Headlines

Recycled Newspapers Wrapped with Cotton Become Rugs
Who would imagine that discarded newspapers could be the heart of something as useful and durable as a rug?
Apparently the folks at Blue Dot did. They’ve taken cores of recycled newsprint and wrapped them with colorful coats of cotton yarn to create visually delicious floor-coverings that consumers want in … Read More.

Composting Workshops at Columbia Springs

A rind is a terrible thing to waste
Carlos Rodriquez-Vegas teaches backyard composting at a free Master Composter/Recycler workshop
Get ready for gardening season with a Master Composter/Recycler composting workshop! These workshops will teach how to be earth-friendly and save money by turning organic yard and kitchen waste into a rich garden amendment. Registration is required for … Read More.