Place-based Education: Connecting Classroom and Community

Something’s Happening Here
As you stroll down the halls of your neighborhood school at nine o’clock on a Wednesday morning, you notice that something is different. Many of the classrooms are empty; the students are not in their places with bright, shiny faces. Where are they? In the town woodlot, a forester teaches tenth graders to … Read More.

Sauna for Life – Sauna for Health !

Sometimes it is a simple wood-paneled room, with an electric heater and a thermometer on the wall, letting us know how hot it is. It may be at the gym, or fitness center, or maybe in your own home. Sometimes it will be a small freestanding building in a wooded glen with an authentic wood-burning … Read More.

A Platinum Home for the Golden Years

Part I: Planning
In his book Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins realistically shows how the U.S. could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels by 2050 using the technologies that are available today. A growing number of forward-thinking people are already moving towards a fossil-fuel free lifestyle by making use of photovoltaic panels, electric drive cars, super efficient … Read More.

The Mysteries of Recycling Part II:

The Business of Recycling
Why Recycle?
What is 35 miles wide, 35 miles long, and 300 feet deep? Well, according to an article posted on the Popular Mechanics website on November 13, 2008, that is how big the landfill would be if America put all of its garbage for the next 1000 years in one place. As … Read More.

Mr. Graunke and His Dream Car

There are some dreams that just never die and there are some people that will never quit pursuing them. Gary Graunke had such a dream and for the last 46 years he has been pursuing it.
The dream began in 1966, when two representatives from General Motors came to Gary’s high school and talked about electric … Read More.

Portland’s Urban Food Zoning Code

In June of 2012, Portland City Council made a significant step toward increasing access to healthful, affordable food for all Portlanders by adopting the Urban Food Zoning Code Update. The new regulations address community gardens, farmers markets and market gardens, as well as alternative food distribution methods such as community sponsored agriculture (CSA) and food … Read More.

Turning a Brown Field Green

The land at NE 82nd and Siskiyou has a checkered past. It is a former landfill, capped in 1982. Many of those living and working in the Madison South and Roseway neighborhoods have seen this area attract unwanted activities and attention. The site has remained derelict, despite its tremendous potential for the neighborhood, city and … Read More.

Wearable Food Trimmings

Food Waste is Fodder for Fashion in the Bio-trimmings Project
By Katie Cordrey
Bio-trimmings images courtesy of Hoyan Ip
London-based Hoyan Ip, a 2012 MA Fashion graduate, observed that food waste could help offset fashion industry waste. So, she set about using discarded food to make buttons, buckles, and other garment trims.
Ip says, “Fashion represents change. Bio-trimmings are … Read More.

Book Review: The Nature Principle

People Can Benefit By Reconnecting with Nature
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2012
Reviewed by Roger Lohr
The Nature Principle: Human Restoration the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder is by Richard Louv, who wrote Last Child in the Woods, and has toured around the country recommending that we help kids discover or reconnect with nature. This can be called … Read More.

Tidy Up Your Kitchen Compost

Along with the Portland residential composting program came the beige compost collection bin that was supplied to all residents. It is large, takes up a lot of the counter top, and is not very attractive.
Jeff Evans found the use of the pail unergonomic and cumbersome. He wanted to find a way to mount the bucket … Read More.