‘Earthdog’ Eco-Friendly Hemp Dog Accessories

Tennessee-based Earthdog is an example of the type of company that’s good to support. They promote dog rescue, spay and neuter programs and product sustainability. Their all-hemp collars are a stylish ‘neckcessories’  for dogs and are available in a variety of designs as well as in solid colors. In addition to collars, they offer hemp leashes, pillows, tees, dog toys, and key chains.



Because more than 20 million animals are euthanized each year because there are not enough homes for them, Earthdog promotes spay and neutering programs and provide a home for 16 dogs. A portion of profits goes to support spay and neutering programs.

Several Portland and Vancouver area businesses carry Earthdog accessories:

Green Dog Pet Supply Ptld OR 503-528-1800
Lexidog Ptld OR 503-245-4363
All For Paws Ptld OR 503-241-7788
Wag the Dog, Inc Ptld OR 503-238-0737
NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital Ptld OR 503-227-6047
The Hip Hound Ptld OR 503-841-5410
Hollywood Naturals Ptld OR 503-460-2802
The Master Peace Ptld OR 503-493-2366
Portland Pet Supply Ptld OR 503-233-3866
Dog Gone Clean Ptld OR 503-291-1818
Dog Gone Clean Vanc, WA 360-576-8114
Sellwood Dog Supply Ptld OR 503-239-1517
The Pearl Retriever Ptld OR 503-295-6960
Spot on the Mountain, LLC Welches OR 503-830-6864
Natural Pet Products Vanc. WA 360-253-5495
Brave New World Vanc. WA 360-993-2278
A Dog’s Life Vanc. WA 360-737-6439

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Reference: Earthdog

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