Center for Earth Leadership Hits Five Year Mark

In 2007, Portland’s well-known environmental couple, Jeanne and Dick Roy, formed the Center for Earth Leadership. The singular purpose: to accelerate the transition to an Earth-centered culture through the efforts of intentional citizen agents of change working from the ground up.
They created a six-session interactive course on how to be an effective agent of change within a personal circle of influence – a neighborhood, school, workplace, center of faith, community, etc. After completing the course, participants receive ongoing training and support through the Center’s Agent of Change Network
Having completed the agent of change course, parents from 50 elementary schools are now involved in our Portland and Beaverton Eco-School Network and taking the lead to introduce sustainable practices and raise eco-awareness. These networks welcome new parents on an ongoing basis.
The Center’s Green Lifestyle Program includes four initiatives to support citizens who wish to stay abreast of cutting-edge personal practices: (1) 135 Home Eco-Parties have been organized, (2) 49 Path to Zero Waste presentations have been presented in the workplace at noon, (3) 49 monthly eco-tips have been published for redistribution by about 100 organizations, and (4) 15 detailed fact sheets have been posted on the Center’s website.
The Center also creates excitement through innovative Ad Hoc Projects . An example was the forming of Portlanders for Outdoor School to reverse a decision by Portland Public Schools to close Outdoor School next school year.

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