StreamTeam is Recruiting AmeriCorps members!

Want to set yourself apart in the environmental field?  Join StreamTeam as an AmeriCorps member!
StreamTeam in Vancouver, WA is recruiting six AmeriCorps members who will assist with restoration activities such as native tree plantings, invasive plant surveys/removal, and maintenance of our native plant nursery; educational activities such as student tours and presentations; and planning and … Read More.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste

Most of us are almost unaware of how much water we waste on a daily basis.
 Water is wasted waiting for the shower or sink to warm up, on the slow leak you have in the toilet bowl that you never knew about and from sprinkling your lawn every day.
With some of the newer developments surrounding … Read More.

Clark County Stream Team Earth Day Event

[ April 19, 2014; 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. ] Clark Public Utilities’ StreamTeam is hosting its annual Earth Day Celebration
Celebration Saturday, April 19, at the Salmon Creek Regional Park near Klineline Pond.
The 15th Annual celebration is Clark Couty’s largest Earth Day tree planting and family event! The family-friendly event will feature a free community EcoFair between 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with fun for … Read More.

Are Commercial Car Washes More Eco-Friendly?

In the last decade, Americans have been encouraged to take a second look at their recycling habits, what eco-friendly products they buy and how they are supporting environmentally friendly companies. Did you know cleaning your car in a commercial car wash is considered far more eco-friendly than washing it in your driveway? Located in the … Read More.

Got Garbage? Sweep It under the Bridge.

1930’s Scenic Postcard

Apparently in the 1930’s we just threw our garbage off of a scenic bridge.
Admittedly garbage did not consist of the plastic and the toxins it does today.

Both the picture post card of The Bridge of the Gods and this exchange of  3 letters in the Forest Service regarding a complaint from the Oregon … Read More.

Petal Drops – Crowdsourced Micro System Rainwater Catchment

To the folks at Quirky, the challenge was simple: In honor of the Copenhagen Summit, show the world the positive impact of eco-efficient product design and collaboration by completing the conceptual production design of an enviornmentally and socially responsible product — in 24 hours.

Dubbed, Petal Drops, the end result is a 100% recycled HDPE flower-shaped … Read More.

Bottled Water: A Shrinking Market

Some cities have gone as far as outlawing the sale of bottled water. Some states charge a refund deposit on water bottles in an effort to corral the burgeoning number of discarded one-use water bottles.
Here are some facts from

Bottled water costs up to 4,000 times more than tap water.
Bottled water is essentially tap water
Bottled … Read More.