A  Waste Free Life  in PDX 

By Jenica Barrett 
When people think of Portland, Oregon, they think of bridges, bike paths, microbreweries, and coffee houses. The word “eco-friendly” comes to mind. This is exactly what I imagined when I moved to Portland last summer. As someone living zero waste, I knew that I needed to move to a city filled with bulk … Read More.

3 HVAC Considerations for an Eco-Friendly Home

A sustainable home is one that will not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also enable homeowners to enjoy significant savings on their utility bills every year. Naturally, there are many factors involved in constructing such a home, including home size and design, materials used, and window placement. Selecting an efficient heating, ventilation, and … Read More.

Lean, Green, and Working from Home

Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Your Commute
Do you love to leave your warm house every morning and get into a cold car? Does rush hour traffic fill you with joy? Do you enjoy donating thousands of dollars to the petrochemical companies in exchange for their gasoline? If so, this article is not for you. … Read More.

Casa Verde CSA Guest Blog by Michelle McGrath, MS Outreach Manager for Gorge Grown Food Network

Hood River Valley creative commons use photo byFlickr User Slideshow Bruce (real name : Bruce Fingerhood)
Abundant sunshine, flowing rivers, and snowy mountains feed into the diverse landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge. With natural resources like these it is no wonder farmers with less acreage and innovative business models are choosing the Gorge as the … Read More.

The Triple Bottom Line that Keeps the Green Living Journal PDX Free

One of the best things about the Green Living Journal is the fact that it’s free to readers. The reason for this is that advertisers sponsor the content. Without advertisers, there is no Green Living Journal magazine.

How it works: When one of Green Living’s advertisers pays for placement, the money is used to pay for the … Read More.

Biodiversity and the Google Menu

This article was originally printed in “Who’s Your Farmer” a guide to eating locally in the Gorge, published by the Gorge Grown Grown Food Network.

Google is committed to giving back and broadening our community outreach. We encourage green stewardship practices that support long-term well-being environmentally, economically and socially. With our office located in the agriculturally dense … Read More.

Earthen Hand – Building Sustainably by Teaching Construction Techniques

Artist Scott Howard is a community resource whose sculptural architecture is often finished with earthen paints and plasters. Howard heads up Portland-based Earthen Hand Natural Building and is at the forefront of a growing movement of people promoting earthen building techniques.
In addition to designing and building the company’s architectural-scale sculptures, Howard contributes ceramic art, stained … Read More.

Power to the People

Community effort in Southeast Portland brings solar within reach for many.
PORTLAND, Ore. — September 16, 2009 was the deadline for Portland homeowners to become part of the very first Solarize Portland project — a grassroots effort that’s making it easier to go solar for less through the power of community. What began as the idea … Read More.

Pixels vs. Paper

Our publication The Green Living Journal is available both on line and in printed form at 350 locations throughout the Portland-Vancouver metro area. The question of which of the two editions has the least impact on our environment is of constant concern to us, but the answer is rather elusive and often determined by who … Read More.

Tires Made from Trees Save on Fuel and Energy

Kaichang Li, an associate professor of wood science and engineering in the OSU College of Forestry believes that microcrystalline cellulose, a material made from trees and other plant fibers, may be able to replace about 12% of the silica used as a reinforcing filler in rubber tires.
Photo: Materials scientist and OSU doctoral student, Wen Bai, … Read More.