Earth Day Reflections

Ten years used to seem like a long time.  Now a year flies by like a month and months like days.
First Green Living Journal Summer 2008
This Earth Day brings back fond memories of our first toe wetting in the Green Living Journal and makes us realize how lucky and grateful we are for this trip … Read More.

Simple Living

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
– Confucius
Ah yes, simple living. Who hasn’t, at some time, wished for a simpler life? Which then begs the question: why do we feel the need to live more simply? Are we frustrated? Stressed out? Fed up? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? … Read More.

Solar Synergy 2.0

We at the Green Living Journal believe that the solar photovoltaic (PV) system, combined with in-home battery storage, is the only sensible, sustainable tool that individuals can use to reduce their impact on the environment, protect themselves from rising electric rates, and provide energy security in the event of disasters (natural or otherwise). In other … Read More.

The Grass is Always Greener

Ok, so it’s not the grass that we are talking about, it’s the tools that we use in our yards – mowers, trimmers, clippers, pruners, cultivators, and saws – that can be a lot greener. As Bob Dylan says, “The times they are a – changin,’ ” and, as history has so often shown, it’s … Read More.

We’re Growing in 2012

We are excited about 2012.
And yes, we know that there are still too many political and social problems. What with high unemployment, home foreclosures, rising fuel prices, and a volatile stock market casting a pall of pessimism over us all.
Still, we feel there is good reason for optimism.
In our own small world we are growing … Read More.

The Triple Bottom Line that Keeps the Green Living Journal PDX Free

One of the best things about the Green Living Journal is the fact that it’s free to readers. The reason for this is that advertisers sponsor the content. Without advertisers, there is no Green Living Journal magazine.

How it works: When one of Green Living’s advertisers pays for placement, the money is used to pay for the … Read More.

ISSUE 15 of the Green Living Journal – Columbia River PDX Coming Up Winter 2011

It’s hard to believe that the Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX will be publishing its 15th issue in November.  The premier issue was published in Summer 2008 and included articles like, The State of Co-ops, The Birth of Locavore, and How to Get Carbon Free in 10 Years.  Issues since then have delivered even more … Read More.

Spring Sharing! Green Living Journal Spring Issue

The signs of spring are definitely here.  Spring rains, spring flowers and the Better Living Show.
It was great to see what was new and visit with friends at the show.
You can read about some local spring sharing in the spring issue of the Green Living Journal.
Portland Yard Sharing is a website that coordinates yard sharing … Read More.

The Spring Issue of the Green Living Journal Is Out

The Spring issue of the Green Living Journal is now available and we are celebrating the 20th birthday of the founding of our magazine in Vermont.
You can find us at all the usual places or you can read it online.
As usual this issue is full of fresh and timely information with articles on the health … Read More.

‘Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX’ Winter 2009 is Live Online

WINTER 2009 Issue
The winter issue of the Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX is being distributed in Portland this week and should be available at the usual places by the end of next week. Meanwhile, you can read the magazine online. Be sure to share it with your friends.
Readers of this blog might be interested … Read More.