Coming Soon: “Leaf to Home” Emergency Electrical Backup

Adapted from a Nissan Motor Co. Press Release
Today about 4,000 households in Japan are utilizing their EVs to manage home energy use. They can be used as a backup power supply for blackouts and emergencies.
Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries can do more than just provide power for driving – they can also be used as … Read More.

Wenatchee, WA Gets Electric Buses

In the last couple years, you’ve seen mass-produced, 100 percent electric cars take to the streets in the Northwest. In the same vein, now come the first battery powered buses. And we’re not talking about trolley buses that get juice from overhead wires.
Wenatchee-based Link Transit is the first out the gate in our region. It … Read More.

Is there an EV in your future?

The time has come to buy a new car, but  being a conscientious American you have growing concerns about driving a gasoline (or diesel) powered car.  So you are thinking about  an electric vehicle (EV), but the high price makes the EV look like a poor investment, even with the rebates and the lower “fuel” … Read More.

We’re Growing in 2012

We are excited about 2012.
And yes, we know that there are still too many political and social problems. What with high unemployment, home foreclosures, rising fuel prices, and a volatile stock market casting a pall of pessimism over us all.
Still, we feel there is good reason for optimism.
In our own small world we are growing … Read More.

Ghosn + Czysz + Musk + Lutz + Gadget + Us = A Tipping Point

Worried about what the future holds for the world your grandchildren will live in?
Last Thursday and Friday we were given an exciting peek at why there is hope for a better tomorrow. This glimpse of optimism was presented in 2 films that showed at the Hollywood and Baghdad theaters.

In “Revenge of the Electric Car” filmmaker … Read More.

Plug In America Releases Public Service Announcements

Plug In America has released two public service announcements in an effort to help educate the American public, in a humorous way, about the joys and benefits of electric drive.

There Are Alternatives To This

America’s consumption of gasoline is insatiable, which is, of course, the engine that drives the BPs of the world to search for more crude. Every dollar we spend at the gas pump is another request, from us to them, to go forth and seek more oil even though we all know that means drilling in … Read More.

2010 the Year of the EV for PDX

For those of us who believe that the electric vehicle (EV) is the best way, in the foreseeable future, to lessen the environmental impact of our personal transportation needs, 2010 holds great promise.
This is the year that many plug in EVs, that you will be able to drive in town as well as on the … Read More.

2000 EV Charging Stations Coming to Oregon

ECOtality will be installing over 11,000 electrical vehicle charging stations to cities across Tennessee, California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Though the project is part of Nissan’s U.S. Leaf launch, the charging stations will accommodate all industry standard plug-in EVs.
Embedded video from CNNMoney Video
Oregon is one of the test markets for the Nissan Leaf and the … Read More.

The Pulse of Regional Car Production

Just as distributed power may go a long way to resolving our home energy needs, so too may regional manufacturing help meet some of our other needs.

After two years and $100,000 development investment, the ‘Pulse’ prototype all-electric car made its debut at Courthouse Square in downtown Portland on the 24th. The Pulse has a range … Read More.