Mother Earth News Fair!

[ June 4, 2016; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. June 5, 2016; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. ] Do you have an interest in Back to the Land, DIY, Self Reliance,  Backyard Homesteading?

You need to be at the  Mother Earth News Fair!

150 + Hands-On Workshops

Organic Gardening
Food Preparation & Preservation
Natural Health
Renewable Energy
Small-Scale Livestock
Green Building
Green Transportation
and More Related Topics

Local and national experts will lead the sessions.

In … Read More.

5 Eco-Friendly Ways Startups Can Help the Environment

There are so many things to worry about when creating a startup, from the specifics of the business plan to the hiring of key staff. Making your office environmentally friendly might seem like a luxury, but give it some thought and don’t push it to the background. Startups can make a big difference in minimizing … Read More.

Workplace Recycling

Ever wanted to set up a recycling program for your office, but just didn’t know where to begin? Erick Thompson over at sent us a link to his step-by-step guide. You can check it out at IndustrialSpace.Net. Let Erick, (and us) in on any other tips you might have and let us know what … Read More.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds

Green America has, for several years, been promoting the idea of Clean Energy Victory Bonds which would make it possible for Americans to invest in clean energy . The problem has been that it takes an act of Congress before  the U.S . Treasury can issue these bonds.
According to the Green America blog, such a … Read More.

Spanning the Seasons of the Gorge with Saur Farming

Editor’s note: We welcome guest posts like the one that follows. Please contact if you would like to submit an article for consideration.

Spanning the Seasons of the Gorge with Saur Farming
Guest Post by Michelle McGrath, Gorge Grown Food Network
Winter at Saur Farm
Left to Right: Tim, Ben, and Anastasia Saur
It’s January, and I have a … Read More.

The Triple Bottom Line that Keeps the Green Living Journal PDX Free

One of the best things about the Green Living Journal is the fact that it’s free to readers. The reason for this is that advertisers sponsor the content. Without advertisers, there is no Green Living Journal magazine.

How it works: When one of Green Living’s advertisers pays for placement, the money is used to pay for the … Read More.

ISSUE 15 of the Green Living Journal – Columbia River PDX Coming Up Winter 2011

It’s hard to believe that the Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX will be publishing its 15th issue in November.  The premier issue was published in Summer 2008 and included articles like, The State of Co-ops, The Birth of Locavore, and How to Get Carbon Free in 10 Years.  Issues since then have delivered even more … Read More.

PCC Brokers a Smoothie Deal with OSU, Food Partners

Story and images by James Hill
Article, images, and ‘about the author’ re-posted from Portland Community College with permission. 
It’s not always smooth sailing in the collegiate food and beverage business.
Food service worker Myhanh Luu, who takes business coursesat the Sylvania Campus, serves up a delicious smoothie.
Two years ago, Portland Community College’s Food and Vending Services Manager … Read More.

The RINSE Project Helps Wineries Reuse Wine Bottles

Cowhorn Winery in Applegate Valley, Oregon has teamed up with Wine Bottle Renew to establish a powerful new bioregional program called ‘The RINSE Project.’ The project cuts per-bottle cost and reduces wineries’ carbon footprints by recycling used wine bottles and preparing them for industry reuse.
Some 300-million cases of wine are sold in the United States … Read More.

Portlander Develops Indow Windows

Portland’s newest green business wants to save Oregon residents money on their energy bills and save the planet at the same time. Indow Windows, located in Portland, recently scaled up its operations and is producing its patent-pending window inserts for customers throughout the Portland metro area.
Indow Windows are sheets of acrylic glazing edged with a … Read More.