BRD Electric Motorcycles

BRD Motorcycles recently announced its new electric motorcycle, the RedShift, targeted towards off-road and urban use, and intended to outperform gas-powered equivalents.

“We just want to make faster motorcycles,” said CEO, Marc Fenigstein. “We’re a team of riders and racers with high-performance gas machines in the garage. We’re building the bikes we’d rather be riding.”

Like a gas supermoto, only faster The RedShift SM, the urban version, was unveiled recently in San Francisco at the Dainese D-Store SF. The unit is said to be a pre-production prototype, with production planned for 2012. The RedShift MX, the dual-sport version, is in parallel development. The models share a proprietary chassis and drivetrain, producing 40hp and weighing in at approximately 250lbs (240lbs in off-road trim). They feature fully adjustable suspension, with conventional wheel and sprocket sizes.

Both versions of the RedShift use a 5.2kWh battery that should deliver about 50 miles of range based on other electric motorcycles in the market, but BRD refrained from specifying a range until further testing. Fenigstein clarified, “we expect people to ride the snot out of these in a way that hasn’t been possible on previous electrics – that’s going to affect the range and we want to be careful about getting the specification right.”

A unique manufacturing approach creates a distinctive design. Chief Design Officer, Jeff Sand explains: “While the chassis geometry is conventional, packaging an electric drive-train required rethinking frame design”.

The motorcycles will be sold through conventional motorcycle dealerships to ensure superb warranty and service support.

Specifications and product images can be found at BRD’s website:

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