2018 Biodynamic Conference

November 14 – 18, 2018 Red Lion Jantzen Beach 909 N Hayden Island Dr. Portland, OR

Five Days of inspiring and thought provoking keynotes, and 60+ diverse workshops.

Hundreds of farmers, gardeners, vintners, educators, researchers, activists, and enthusiasts—from the Pacific Northwest, across North America, and around the world— will gather for the Biodynamic Association’s 2018 North American Biodynamic Conference. This year’s theme, Transforming the Heart of Agriculture: Soil. Justice. Regeneration., illustrates how agricultural transformation means considering how we think and work with the soil, the nature of our human relationships, and the diversity of tools that can help us regenerate our earth, our communities, and our spirits. This year, eleven inspiring keynote speakers from within and beyond the biodynamic community will share their groundbreak-ing work from all over the globe. More than 60 workshops will explore diverse topics like Biodynamic Beekeeping, The Evolution of Natural Wine, Farming Water: Whole Farm Keyline Water Systems, Permaculture and Biodynamics, and Reclaiming the Urban Forest for Food Medicine, and Healing, along with a full track of Biodynamics Basics workshops. There will be many opportunities to learn about other regenerative approaches, including perma-culture, traditional indigenous food and farming, the science of the microbiome, and more. The conference program also features field days at local farms and vineyards; hands-on learning op-portunities; an 80th anniversary celebration for the Biodynamic Association with food, wine, and cider tastings; a seed exchange; story sharing; music and dancing; and much more.

For more info: www.biodynamics.com/conference or call (262) 649-9212 ext 2.

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