Algae Coated Solar Panels

Bio-Solar nanotech is a reality: Oregon State University and Portland State University have been working with algae to create dye-sensitized solar cells for power generation. The basic concept of dye-sensitized solar power generation is explained in the following video:

The solar cells are created by allowing algae to settle on glass panels, then rendering them to skeletons. The skeletons form a sort of framework that receives the special dye used in power generation. Algae have existed since prehistoric times, are cheap, plentiful and non-polluting. This methodology can be used in place of current silicon technology.

Most existing solar cell technology is based on silicon and is nearing the limits of what we may be able to accomplish with that,” said Greg Rorrer, an OSU professor of chemical engineering. “There’s an enormous opportunity to develop different types of solar energy technology, and it’s likely that several forms will ultimately all find uses, depending on the situation.” (livescience)


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