A Cleaner Burn

Aprovecho means “to make the best use of ” in Spanish. A most fitting name for a non profit research center in Cottage Grove Oregon that has been working on sustainable and best use methods since 1982.

Researchers at Aprovecho have created a commercially available rocket stove with GreenFire Technology™ which could make a large impact in reducing CO2 emissions.

Almost 1/2 of the world relies on biomass fuels like wood, coal and dung to cook and purify water. This can drive deforestation and emit CO2 and soot into living spaces. An efficient rocket stove burns ultra efficiently, uses less fuel, produces less soot and green house gases.
Aprovecho Research Center designed GreenFire Technology™ with the goal to manufacture economical, fuel efficient, low emission stoves that people will use. They not only have an efficient burning stove but have concentrated on efficient use of the heat produced by the stove.
Manufactured in China and marketed under the StoveTec™ name all of the profits go to the Aprovecho Research Center which has completed over 100 projects in 60 countries.
You can order a StoveTec™ stove on line and know that the profits got to good use.

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