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Urban Lumber

Several years ago while renovating a landscape for an older home being flipped by a realtor, my whole thinking about lumber completely changed. The house, long occupied by an aging woman, had been in a state of disrepair. The new property owner, John, removed pretty much all of the vegetation in order to make sense … Read More.

Leave It at the Door

What’s in the dust in your home? 
There may be insect fragments, lead dust, pesticides, pollen, dust mites, animal dander, hair, human skin flakes, fungal spores or cigarette ash.
Many of the contaminants inside your home are brought in from outdoors. They can enter your home on your shoes and clothing. Not surprisingly, the greatest concentration of … Read More.

Environmental Film Series at Fort Vancouver Regional Library

The Vancouver Watersheds Alliance’s 5th Annual Food & Film Series kicks off in January 27th and continues the fourth Tuesday of the month through June from 6-8pm at Fort Vancouver community library in Downtown Vancouver.
This highly acclaimed free event features provocative documentaries spotlighting relevant environmental topics facing the planet today, plus complimentary pizza (GF/DF option).

For … Read More.

Radon: If Only It Smelled Like Sulphur

It’s on television. It’s in the newspapers. It’s on billboards.
Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and points between have a radon issue–one that has been here for thousands of years–and one that is not going away. The soil in the Willamette Valley, much of Clark County, and up and down the Columbia River Gorge contains granite, Ice Age … Read More.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste

Most of us are almost unaware of how much water we waste on a daily basis.
 Water is wasted waiting for the shower or sink to warm up, on the slow leak you have in the toilet bowl that you never knew about and from sprinkling your lawn every day.
With some of the newer developments surrounding … Read More.