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The Afterlife of a Junked Car

It happens to the best of vehicles. Regardless of how many times they were lovingly polished or blissfully neglected, all cars eventually reach the end of their useful lives (aside from the timeless, restored classics). Although most of us do not like to imagine what happens to our beloved set of wheels after we say … Read More.

Radon, an Invisible, Odorless Northwest Issue

Portland and Vancouver have a radon issue–
one that has been here for thousands of years–and it is not going to go away. The soil in the Willamette Valley, much of Clark County, and the Columbia River Gorge has a granite component, Ice Age material brought down the Columbia River from Montana repeatedly between 10,000 and … Read More.

Place-based Education: Connecting Classroom and Community

Something’s Happening Here
As you stroll down the halls of your neighborhood school at nine o’clock on a Wednesday morning, you notice that something is different. Many of the classrooms are empty; the students are not in their places with bright, shiny faces. Where are they? In the town woodlot, a forester teaches tenth graders to … Read More.

How to Stop Energy from Leaking out your Windows & Doors

In an economy struggling to recover, businesses and individuals alike are trimming costs wherever possible. Many homeowners are choosing to put their budgets on a diet — and a good place to start eliminating unnecessary costs is with energy use. Most homeowners pay dearly for the convenience of appliances, climate control, and electric lighting. Among … Read More.

WasteBusters are Looking for a Few Good Families

Clark County seeks committed households for waste reduction challenge.
The average Clark County resident generates 8 pounds of solid waste every day.
Think you can do better? Clark County Environmental Services is looking for households to compete in the county’s waste reduction challenge for their third “Green Neighbors are Wastebusters” competition on March 8.
Wastebusters pits households against … Read More.