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Dealing With Computer Scrap

Waste prevention is the ideal situation and it is the most preferable solution to manage waste, recycling included. Used and functional electronic items can be donated to extend the functionality of products and keeps them out of the waste management system for an elongated period of time. Donating used electronics allows educational institutes and not … Read More.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy From Local Growers

Shopping in large corporate grocery stores that are open 24/7 is convenient. Supporting a local agricultural economy requires more planning, commitment and thought. Here are ten powerful reasons to do so:
1. Contribute to the Local Economy
Buying food from chain grocery stores depends on a large infrastructure to support a global food system that removes about … Read More.

The Basics of an Energy Efficient Mortgage

Going green has many benefits. Not only does it lower your impact on the environment, but it could potentially save you money. When it comes to your home, it can be difficult to make your house more energy efficient. Luckily, with an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), you can borrow more money to help you upgrade … Read More.