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Safe Green Pest Control Methods for Winter

 Get Ahead of the Bugs and Varmints While They Are Dormant
Winter is a time of reduced pest pressure. This is a well known fact. What isn’t so well known is that it is also a time for greatly impacting pest activity in the coming year. At this time, with the exception of rodents, pests are … Read More.

Are Commercial Car Washes More Eco-Friendly?

In the last decade, Americans have been encouraged to take a second look at their recycling habits, what eco-friendly products they buy and how they are supporting environmentally friendly companies. Did you know cleaning your car in a commercial car wash is considered far more eco-friendly than washing it in your driveway? Located in the … Read More.

Classique Floors Sustainable Saturday

[ April 13, 2013; 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. ]

Portland’s Urban Food Zoning Code

In June of 2012, Portland City Council made a significant step toward increasing access to healthful, affordable food for all Portlanders by adopting the Urban Food Zoning Code Update. The new regulations address community gardens, farmers markets and market gardens, as well as alternative food distribution methods such as community sponsored agriculture (CSA) and food … Read More.

Turning a Brown Field Green

The land at NE 82nd and Siskiyou has a checkered past. It is a former landfill, capped in 1982. Many of those living and working in the Madison South and Roseway neighborhoods have seen this area attract unwanted activities and attention. The site has remained derelict, despite its tremendous potential for the neighborhood, city and … Read More.

Wearable Food Trimmings

Food Waste is Fodder for Fashion in the Bio-trimmings Project
By Katie Cordrey
Bio-trimmings images courtesy of Hoyan Ip
London-based Hoyan Ip, a 2012 MA Fashion graduate, observed that food waste could help offset fashion industry waste. So, she set about using discarded food to make buttons, buckles, and other garment trims.
Ip says, “Fashion represents change. Bio-trimmings are … Read More.