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Workplace Recycling

Ever wanted to set up a recycling program for your office, but just didn’t know where to begin? Erick Thompson over at sent us a link to his step-by-step guide. You can check it out at IndustrialSpace.Net. Let Erick, (and us) in on any other tips you might have and let us know what … Read More.

5 Unconventional Ways to Cut Home Utility Costs

Guest post by Melissa Lynne, freelance writer for Systrum Energy, a third party energy supplier serving New Jersey.
For the average American household, monthly utility bills represent a significant chunk of the family budget, usually 5 – 10 percent of monthly expenses.  Since utilities are such a big chunk of your expenses, there are probably a … Read More.

Center for Earth Leadership Hits Five Year Mark

In 2007, Portland’s well-known environmental couple, Jeanne and Dick Roy, formed the Center for Earth Leadership. The singular purpose: to accelerate the transition to an Earth-centered culture through the efforts of intentional citizen agents of change working from the ground up.
They created a six-session interactive course on how to be an effective agent of change … Read More.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds

Green America has, for several years, been promoting the idea of Clean Energy Victory Bonds which would make it possible for Americans to invest in clean energy . The problem has been that it takes an act of Congress before  the U.S . Treasury can issue these bonds.
According to the Green America blog, such a … Read More.