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Expediting Green Invention – US Patent Office to Speed Application Process

The United States Patent Office has launched a pilot program aimed at reducing patent review time from 40 months to 12 months for inventors and designers seeking patents for green technology. The Green Technology Pilot Program allows applications relating to improving environmental quality, conserving energy, developing renewable energy resources, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions to … Read More.

‘Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX’ Winter 2009 is Live Online

WINTER 2009 Issue
The winter issue of the Green Living Journal Columbia River PDX is being distributed in Portland this week and should be available at the usual places by the end of next week. Meanwhile, you can read the magazine online. Be sure to share it with your friends.
Readers of this blog might be interested … Read More.

Earthen Hand

The Local Application of Traditional Building Techniques
According to Scott Howard, founder of Earthen Hand Natural Building, the materials and methods in natural building construction are highly sustainable because they are readily available and easy to use.
Structures built of earthen materials are more likely to last for many centuries in contrast to a few decades for … Read More.

Petal Drops – Crowdsourced Micro System Rainwater Catchment

To the folks at Quirky, the challenge was simple: In honor of the Copenhagen Summit, show the world the positive impact of eco-efficient product design and collaboration by completing the conceptual production design of an enviornmentally and socially responsible product — in 24 hours.

Dubbed, Petal Drops, the end result is a 100% recycled HDPE flower-shaped … Read More.

‘Earthdog’ Eco-Friendly Hemp Dog Accessories

Tennessee-based Earthdog is an example of the type of company that’s good to support. They promote dog rescue, spay and neuter programs and product sustainability. Their all-hemp collars are a stylish ‘neckcessories’  for dogs and are available in a variety of designs as well as in solid colors. In addition to collars, they offer hemp leashes, … Read More.